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Silhouette Studio specializes in the private instruction of yoga and we are here to help you reach your goals, whatever they may be!  Katie’s expertise in strength training, flexibility, injury prevention, immunity, myofascial release, stress relief and helping improve physical restrictions through yoga allows her to offer you invaluable insight and she loves working with her clients in a one-on-one setting.  The Studio itself is a perfect setting for your own one-hour wellness getaway each week!

We know how hard it can be to make a huge commitment to your own wellness.  Despite the fact that many of us are aware of just how important self-care is, we so rarely carve out time for ourselves.  Silhouette Studio has created the perfect option to allow wellness to be a part of your daily life by not requiring any more than a one-month commitment of a one-hour class one time per week.  After your first month, there is no penalty should you choose to end your sessions, however we think that once you come in and see what Silhouette has to offer, you might consider making yoga at Silhouette Studio a priority!  It doesn’t have to be a chore but rather something you look forward to each week. 

Classes are one hour in length and scheduled individually as both Katie and your schedules allow.  Because all classes are private lessons, each one is specifically curated to you, the student. You will spend time with Katie in your first session to discuss your goals, any injuries, and any concerns or hopes for your time at Silhouette, allowing her more understanding of how best she can ameliorate your wellness journey.

The best part of private instruction at Silhouette Studio is that there are NO expectations and thus, NO limitations!  Whether you have never taken yoga before or you’re a regular yoga class member, by giving yourself one hour of private instruction each week, you will open up doors you may not have even known were there.   Silhouette and Katie are here for YOU-to make your experience during your time at the studio one that is valuable and treasured in whatever way that makes sense for YOU.

We look forward to spending time with you in the studio soon!

Fees:  $360 for four 1-hour private lessons in one month (1x class/week)

  • No commitment after one month
  • Non-refundable fees for cancellations
  • Option to continue past one month to reserve your time slot

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